Long-term rental

The advantages of a new van when you want

Long-term rental is the solution to enjoy carefree driving

Thanks to the long-term rental of Furgovia you will have the possibility to have new van without having to buy them. By paying a fixed monthly fee, in addition to the van, you will have included maintenance, road tax and insurance.

Long-term rental is the ideal solution for individuals, companies and VAT numbers who want to save on the purchase of a new commercial vehicle without giving up on having a van that meets their needs.


Treat yourself to the luxury of an unforeseen experience

With Furgovia’s long-term rental, you will have a wide choice of commercial vehicles of the best brands, of any type. It is a safe, complete service that relieves you of any responsibility. In fact, by signing the rental contract, you will have as your only concern the consumption of petrol or diesel. Furgovia will take care of the rest.

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The advantages of long-term rental

No hidden fees
Personalized payments
Maintenance included
Kasko insurance

Enjoy driving a new van whenever you want

Long-term rental gives you the opportunity to always have new vans available, maintenance included in the price and a safe and efficient commerical vehicle. Always. The monthly fee includes: Kasko insurance, maintenance and car tax. You will not have surprises of unexpected expenses.

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